The Phone That Evolved

The past and the present

Back in the day when we were getting out of college I can vaguely remember the first mobile phone I got to hold, for those who are of old school generation you will remember the brand Sony Ericson. I had the small blue display phone, which was like a big deal back then since everyone had the boring yellow color display with their Nokia and Samsung phones. Time stepped in and technology took over and soon our simple phone that we used to just text and call became knows as a smart phone

The pros of the evolution

There are two sides to a coin – the consI can still remember when the first color display phone came out and the first mp3 compatible phone came out and not to mention when the first vga camera phone came out, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere one of the IT giants MAC stepped up the game introducing the iPhone, which was the biggest game changer and turning point in the mobile phone industry not surprised to say that I actually own one of the very first iPhones released. Every body fell behind apple and the major tech giants HTC SONY & SAMSUNG had to play second fiddle and was on the catch up game in trying to come on par with the iPhone, many tried to copy the design but failed but then after much time and investment in their own technology Samsung came up with the SAMSUNG GALAXY range and Sony stepped up with their solid performing SONY XPERIA range. It was any geeks ultimate dream come true when every possible spec that could be fitted under the sun into a phone was being tried. Nowadays you can do pretty much what a pc a sound system and a dslr camera can do on a device that fits in your palms from emails to creating and editing documents listening to music, watching movies surfing the net and to take amazing pictures with the photographic capabilities of the cameras that are present

Just as the mobile phone evolved technologically their downfalls were right beside them equally, back in the day you could drop a Nokia 3310 on the ground accidentally countless number of times and you will get the phone separated into the back cover body and the battery and could easily be assembled by yourself dusted off and can start using it again straight away , today if you drop a phone you risk damage to the touch screen, the digitizer, microphone and earpiece module, proximity and gyro sensors, touch sensors gps navigation ambient light sensor ….. the list goes on and on, one such expensive phone to repair is the Sony phone brand phones , namely the xperia range, people buy phones these days just based on specs and not key taking into the factors such as after sales support or tech support and repair and replacement costs etc, if you are a Sony devotee, Sony xperia repairs won’t come cheap due to the advanced mechanics and complex circuitry of the phone itself and not much tech support offered by the brand in local areas unlike apple when it comes to Iphone repair. So the process of getting one repaired can b time consuming and sometimes even frustrating

Is it worth it?

Yes. Would be my answer to the above question purely because we live in a world today where everything is connected and is accessible in the palm of your hand, try leaving your phone at your home and going to work, one can easily realize how hard it is and how dependent we have become of our mobile devices, my opinion is if you are buying a top end premium phone and spending top dollar on a device it will be a smart choice to invest in a cover that can offer protection to your device since the ranges available in the market varies from tempered glass to shock proof casing and some even to the extent of water proofing. It’s a worthwhile investment if you want to save money on repair costs caused by accidents you didn’t see coming