Take A Picture

Need a replacement Rheem part to do a bit of home Rheem repairs, then it is best to take a picture of what it is you want, the official website offers you the choice of listing the parts you need and if you like taking a picture to send to them. This is of course with all your pertinent details, then they will get back to you, of course it is too much to ask for them to take pictures of their parts and have a webpage with a whole range of the parts you might need and a price for each, along with delivery costs.

Nope you have to fly in the dark and wait until they get back to you, here’s hoping they don’t just send the parts out to you and you have to pay for what they send but as there is no credit card information required, this seems unlikely. They also offer a phone service so that you can contact a real person and have an intelligent conversation, well here’s hoping it turns out to be a conversation that doesn’t ruin multiple brain cells and make you wish you were in a coma.

If you are doing the work yourself, just remember that if you are not a qualified plumber or electrician depending on the problem you are fixing, then any work you do is going to nullify the warranty on your system and the next time there is a problem they are going to claim it is the work that you did that caused the problem and you will have to pay for any repairs and parts that are needed and maintained and corrected the problem. So instead of trying to save a few bucks now and rectify the problem yourself it may be better in the long run to get a proper tradesman in to do the work and that way if a major malfunction occurs later on, you can claim on the warranty and hopefully they won’t give you the run around and you can get the service done for the right price, which is for free.

Each type of water system has its own warranty and read the fine print carefully before calling anyone, so that you know where you stand and what you are taking about and if you have lost the instruction manual, where the warranty is laid out in print, then get online and download another one. You will have to know the model number of the hot water heater you have and you should be able to find the manual online at the Rheem site. Even fairly old models have their books available but look up to see if there have been any changes to the warranty in the last couple of years, they like to spring that one on you, oh that has changed since you bought your model sir, the rules now state you get a good Rheeming and nothing else.